Explore the Best Green Screen Paint with Jay Buchanan from SociallyU: Mastering Chroma Key with ChromaLight

At the NAB Show this year, we had the opportunity to discuss with Jay Buchanan, cinematographer at SociallyU, the exceptional qualities of ChromaLight’s chroma key green screen paint. Praised for its superior chroma, minimum spill and optimum luminance, ChromaLight paints are meticulously formulated to ensure optimal chroma levels, making them the most advanced green screen paint choice for industry professionals. 

Hear our chroma key paint‘s impressive capabilities through a seasoned expert’s lens and understand why our green paint is the preferred backdrop for photographers and videographers alike. The video showcases Buchanan’s techniques and how he uses our paint to achieve stunning, high-fidelity results in creative projects.

About ChromaLight

ChromaLight, founded in 2021, is a pioneer in research and development dedicated to advancingcyclorama technology across broadcast, film, and media productions. With our innovative two-layer solution featuring Cyclorama Green Basecoat Paint and Cyclorama Green Topcoat Paint, we proudly offer the industry’s first specialized paint application system. Our chroma key paint, tailored for cyclorama spaces, ensures optimal luminance and chroma for all your green chroma, green screen, and chroma background needs. ChromaLight’s excellence is proven and battle tested with a variety of clients. It is designed to produce superior final images in every type of cyclorama production every time without the need of repaint.

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