Frequently Asked Questions

We optimize all paints for Cyclorama Video Production. Moreover, we provide what a Cyclorama painted with green requires, such as durability, high chroma, optimum luminance, minimum spill and gloss.

Wood, various metals, vinyl, concrete, plaster, old painted surfaces coated with water-based decorative primers/paints, silicone-free paints, and other plastic materials.

The paint’s coverage area’s calculation changes according to the primer color used. For this reason, we recommend using the calculation tool on our website to avoid mistakes.

  • 1 Gallon Cyclorama Green Basecoat Paint: Approx. 322 sq ft/gal (7.9 m2/lt), 75 microns dry film thickness which means 322sq feet (30sq meters) coverage in one layer application.
  • 1 Gallon Cyclorama Green Topcoat Paint: Approx. 215 sq ft/gal (5.3 m2/lt) 75 microns dry film thickness which means one gallon of paint has 215sq feet (20sq meters) coverage in a two-layer application.
Cyclorama Green Basecoat Paint is designed to ensure that Cyclorama surfaces are more durable and better adhered to the paint to be used as a topcoat. In this context, when you use Cyclorama Green Topcoat Paint over Cyclorama Green Basecoat Paint, you will have a more durable Cyclorama surface. Additionally, if the topcoat paint on Cyclorama is deformed, you’ll see the green-colored basecoat paint, which will not affect the quality of the shoot.

Our recommendation is to use the ChromaLight Painter Kit. If you do not have the Painter Kit, a 9” (23-25 cm) roller brush should be used on wide areas, and a 4” (10 cm) roller brush should be used on corners; the size of the nap should be 1/5” (5 mm).

If you are using Cyclorama Green Basecoat Paint, 2 coats will be enough. If you paint on a different primer, we recommend using 3 coats.

We recommend waiting a minimum of 6 hours, depending on the temperature and humidity conditions where the Cyclorama is located.

No, two of the most notable features of our paint are that it is more durable and stickier.

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