ChromaLight Unveils Innovative Green Screen Solutions at NAB Show 2023

Izmir, TURKEY April 3, 2023 — ChromaLight, a new research and development company, will be showcasing innovative green screen paints and accessories at NAB 2023. Built to give broadcasters better final keys, the products include the innovative Cyclorama Green Basecoat and Cyclorama Green Topcoat Paint, as well as the Painter Kit, all of which will be available to sample at booth N3243.

“Green screen technology can place actors on another planet, add real-time stats to weather reports, or bring your sports presenters to a new dimension. There are, however, a lot of components needed to get a great final picture, one of the most important of which is green paint,” says Mehmet Özkan, Co-founder and Manager at ChromaLight. “Our paints pave the way for a better key to reach a superior final picture. You’ll have minimal green spill, helping you avoid errors that lead to expensive reshoots or post-production work.”

ChromaLight’s Cyclorama Green Topcoat Paint offers optimal luminance, maximal chroma, and minimal spill, ensuring maximum color channel difference during keying while minimizing green spill on subjects. With minimal gloss and ultimate durability, this topcoat paint is ideal for professional green screen productions. It’s easy to wipe clean and even if it gets damaged the Basecoat Paint will show through, so the green screen remains intact. This is crucial if there is no time to repaint and wait for paint to dry in between different productions.

Furthermore, ChromaLight created the industry’s first two-layer paint application solution for green screens which offers the durability that is needed from the everyday equipment. With ChromaLight’s Cyclorama Green Basecoat and Topcoat Paint, users can rely on durability on all types of surfaces. That means it’s no longer easy to scrape off with a chair or heel, reducing unwanted artifacts in the final keyed result. No primer is required to apply the paint, and ChromaLight offers both a Painter Kit with brushes and mixers as well as detailed application videos – so that any broadcaster can focus on creating photoreal virtual studios without worrying about creating their green screen.

The Benefits of ChromaLight Paint Include:

  • Stress-free virtual productions: Thanks to its two-layer paint application, ChromaLight’s green screen paint is durable on any surface. Even if the topcoat gets damaged, the green basecoat will show through so the green screen remains intact.

  • More creativity and scalability: ChromaLight’s paint means final picture of superior quality for broadcasters. Whatever the cyclorama setup, the paint is optimized for digital camera sensors. This minimizes green spill and gloss artifacts—resulting in better final keys even if designs include glossy matte surfaces.

  • Samples available: Visit the ChromaLight booth at NAB to request a sample.

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Visit ChromaLight at booth N3243 at the NAB Show 2023 to experience their groundbreaking green screen solutions firsthand.

About ChromaLight

ChromaLight is a research and development company established in 2021 that strives to bring superior green screens to all broadcast, film, and media productions with its innovative Cyclorama Green Basecoat and Cyclorama Green Topcoat Paint combination, which is the industry’s first two-layer paint application solution. ChromaLight develops chroma key paints and accessories specifically designed to enhance the final image in all types of cyclorama productions.

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