The Viaplay Success Story: Transforming Green Screen Production with ChromaLight Paint

ChromaLight paint revolutionizes Viaplay’s green screen experience, offering durability and quality like never before.

The leading Nordic media and entertainment company Viaplay Group’s studios in Sweden, has been on the lookout for a durable green screen solution since 2015. Delivering broadcasts such as the Premier League and Formula One to 11 countries, Viaplay needed a green screen material that could withstand constant use without frequent maintenance. Their filming environment, characterized by minimalistic and shiny white studios, required a solution that wouldn’t clash with the light from glossy matte surfaces.

ChromaLight, a research and development company offering innovative chroma key paints and accessories. Intrigued by ChromaLight’s claims, Viaplay decided to test their paint in Studio Three, which is used for Premier League and Europa League football matches, among other sports broadcasts.

Calle Gisselsson, Head of Sport Production at Viaplay, was delighted with the results, asking, “Why haven’t we been using this all along?” Viaplay Sweden then ordered more ChromaLight paint and applied it to Studio One, their hybrid studio for winter sports, Formula One, and more. Located two levels below ground, Studio One’s humidity had previously caused chroma key paints to crack. However, ChromaLight paint showed no signs of wear and tear after more than six months.

Optimized for digital camera sensors, ChromaLight paint also minimized green spill and gloss artifacts, resulting in better final keys. This allowed Viaplay’s team to design virtual studios with a minimalistic Scandinavian aesthetic, featuring glossy matte surfaces that differentiated their look from competitors—all without compromising the final result.

Gisselsson summarizes, “We’ve noticed a huge improvement since using ChromaLight paint in our studios. Not only has it already proved far more durable, but it’s also less fluorescent, more scratch-resistant, and attracts less dirt than other paints we’ve tried, and we’ve tried them all.” With ChromaLight, Viaplay has finally found the green screen solution they’ve been searching for, transforming their production experience and setting them apart in the industry.

About ChromaLight

ChromaLight is a research and development company established in 2021 that strives to bring superior green screens to all broadcast, film, and media productions with its innovative Cyclorama Green Basecoat and Cyclorama Green Topcoat Paint combination, which is the industry’s first two-layer paint application solution. ChromaLight develops chroma key paints and accessories specifically designed to enhance the final image in all types of cyclorama productions.

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