Discover the power of ChromaLight paints with SociallyU’s cinematographer Jay Buchanan

At this year’s NAB Show, we had the pleasure of chatting with Jay Buchanan, cinematographer at SociallyU, about his experience using ChromaLight paints. Our paints are specially formulated to provide maximum chroma, minimum spill and optimum luminance, making them the perfect choice for cinematographers, photographers, and other creatives. Watch the video to see how Jay uses ChromaLight paints to achieve stunning results in his work.

About ChromaLight

ChromaLight is a research and development company established in 2021 that strives to bring superior green screens to all broadcast, film, and media productions with its innovative Cyclorama Green Basecoat and Cyclorama Green Topcoat Paint combination, which is the industry’s first two-layer paint application solution. ChromaLight develops chroma key paints and accessories specifically designed to enhance the final image in all types of cyclorama productions.

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