ChromaLight Paint is the Key Ingredient for Chroma Keying – Blackmagic Design and SociallyU Confirms

It’s always a proud moment when our chroma key paint is acknowledged as a pivotal component in the success of leading industry professionals. We are delighted to share a compelling testimonial that underscores the exceptional performance of our paint in the realm of virtual production.

During an insightful exchange between SociallyU, renowned for its virtual production expertise, and Blackmagic Design, a leader in broadcast and media technology, our chroma key green paint was singled out as the key element in their projects.

In a conversation about the eye-catching quality of SociallyU’s virtual productions, Blackmagic Design inquired about the formula behind their flawless keying. The answer was straightforward.

André Dantzler, President of SociallyU, had this to say:

‘Our biggest tip for flawless keying is dialing in the green screen chroma exposure. Nail an even 44 IRE in false color and you already get a pretty awesome key by just hitting File Clear on the Ultimatte. The results are mind blowing, and the “key” ingredient that makes all the difference on our cyc wall is Chromalight paint. It’s extremely flat and prevents spill in a way other paints don’t. We think the Ultimatte and Chromalight make an excellent combination.’

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the innovative teams at SociallyU and Blackmagic Design for their recognition of our groundbreaking two-layer chroma key paint solution. Their endorsement cements our reputation for providing the most advanced green screen paint on the market, specifically engineered for professionals in virtual production. Discover the ChromaLight difference that sets our Chroma Key paint apart as the new premium standard.

Full interview available on Blackmagic Design’s Splice Community:

About ChromaLight

ChromaLight, founded in 2021, is a pioneer in research and development dedicated to advancing cyclorama technology across broadcast, film, and media productions. With our innovative two-layer solution featuring Cyclorama Green Basecoat Paint and Cyclorama Green Topcoat Paint, we proudly offer the industry’s first specialized paint application system. Our chroma key paint, tailored for cyclorama spaces, ensures optimal luminance and chroma for all your green chroma, green screen, and chroma background needs. ChromaLight’s excellence is proven and battle tested with a variety of clients. It is designed to produce superior final images in every type of cyclorama production every time without the need of repaint.

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