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    Cyclorama Green Topcoat Paint
    The canvas where your imagination unfolds.

    ● Optimal Luminance: Tailored for digital camera sensors, capturing the perfect amount of light.
    ● Maximal Chroma: The highest-quality pigments for ideal keying.
    ● Minimal Spill: Say goodbye to green halo nightmares.
    ● Minimal Gloss & Ultimate Durability: Built to last and stay pristine.
    ● More Elastic: Suitable for various surfaces without the risk of cracking.

    Cyclorama Green Basecoat Paint
    Your first step towards unmatched durability and performance.

    ● Superior Coverage: A foundation that stands the test of time.
    ● Highest Durability: For a studio that’s as relentless as you are.
    ● Applicable to All Types of Surfaces: Versatile enough to apply anywhere

    ChromaLight Painter Kit
    Your complete toolbox for cyclorama painting.

    ● Precision Engineered: Developed with our R&D department, ensuring you get the best application.
    ● Specialized Wool Paint Roll: A unique texture designed solely for optimal green screen paint application.
    ● Professional Results: Say goodbye to brush marks or errors.

    Cyclorama Size Calculator

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    Join us at NAB 2024, Booth SL3093.

    Don’t Just Paint Your Studio, Transform It.

    About ChromaLight

    Founded in 2021, ChromaLight revolutionizes green screens in all broadcast, film, and media productions. With our groundbreaking two-layer paint application solution, we’re not just setting new standards; we’re defining them.

    See you in Las Vegas!